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About Us

Who are we? Where are we based? Learn all about Campervan HQ here!

What are your hours?

Monday-Friday  9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Mountain Time. Closed for standard U.S. holidays.

Who is Campervan HQ?

Campervan HQ is your headquarters for campervan conversion information and top products for building your dream van. See our happy faces on the About Us page, read the whole story here, or learn more about Campervan HQ in this video:. Our mission has

How can I contact Campervan HQ customer service?

You can reach us multiple ways:. Chat or text usually gets more immediate responses. That said, we usually email you the more detailed information with links, research results, and technical answers. If you contact us outside of business hours, we'll

Are you guys really over 100 years old?

Yes, we are! The Perfect Fit / Campervan HQ story starts from several companies with long histories in America. First came McDonald & Co, Inc. in 1912. Founded in Seattle by brothers who constructed and installed upholstery and topping materials for

Can I connect with Campervan HQ on social media?

Yes! You can find us on Instagram, on YouTube, and on Pinterest. Here you can find a variety of tutorials, showcasing of our various products, and more!

Are Campervan HQ and Perfect Fit the same or different?

Both actually!. Just as the pandemic madness was winding down in early 2022, Perfect Fit and Campervan HQ merged to combine the superpowers of each into one stronger company. Now we can serve customers better and faster and offer more great products