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Are you guys really over 100 years old?Updated 4 months ago

Yes, we are! The Perfect Fit / Campervan HQ story starts from several companies with long histories in America.

First came McDonald & Co, Inc. in 1912. Founded in Seattle by brothers who constructed and installed upholstery and topping materials for the auto industry, and later got into furniture and mattress supplies and products. A pioneer in foam cushioning and marine topping fabrics, McDonald & Co, Inc. grew into a leading innovator.

Next, Perfect Fit Manufacturing Company started in 1924 as a family-run operation in Portland, OR. They manufactured and sold seat and tire covers to major catalog stores like Montgomery Ward. With assembly plants in Oregon and California, the company evolved into a wholesale business that manufactured seat covers, carpets, and vinyl roof covers.

In 1965 these competitors came under the same ownership as Perfect Fit-McDonald, Inc. 

Meanwhile, Vaughan's Fabric & Supply had been a family business in Portland since the 1920’s. They expanded from the automotive industry into marine and awning fabrics and remained a family business for several generations before being acquired by Perfect Fit in 2020.

Last but not least came Campervan HQ. After publishing a popular e-book on how to build your own campervan, Greg Keith started an e-commerce business in Boulder, Colorado. Campervan HQ sold parts for DIY and professional van builders -- parts like van windows, fans, heaters, refrigerators, roof racks, and more. In 2022 Perfect Fit and Campervan HQ merged, which substantially grew product offerings for the van community, especially professional upfitters, and continues to grow the size of our team.

As Perfect Fit / Campervan HQ grows, we improve our product suite and availability, shipping options, customer service, technical support, and our pricing. We are also bringing exciting innovations in the campervan, RV, marine, automotive, and other industries through new services and partnerships. 

Unlike many online shopping experiences you might have, we also provide excellent service from real people who love the outdoors and want our customers to get out there adventuring. We offer informed, engaged support before and after sale with reasonable policies if any issues arise.

The strength of Perfect Fit / Campervan HQ lies in our friendly and knowledgeable team, our wide selection of excellent products, our innovation and responsiveness, and our commitment to incredible customer service.

So YES, we really are over 100 years old! But we hope we don't look a day over 99.

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