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Interior products

Specific, detailed, and easy-to-read information on our wide range of interior van and RV products!

Air Conditioners

As the weather heats up you may be dying for an air conditioner to keep cool in your campervan this summer. But what to get? And how to run a power-hogging A/C?. First the good news: power-hogs are no longer your only A/C option. The newest A/C model

Heating & Insulation

It's important to have sufficient insulation and energy efficient heating all year round, but especially in winter!. Below you can find useful blog posts on various heating options:. To help speed up your van build, take a look at our HQ Thinsulate K

Power Kits

If you're looking to upgrade your power system and really simplify your van build, you definitely want to check out our blog post on EcoFlow Power Kits. EcoFlow offers a full range of battery bank capacity, so no matter your power needs you can have

Bathroom & Hygiene

The first consideration for any bathroom is the RV toilets - the often left unspoken campervan accessory we love to hide, either by tucking it out of sight or closing it off within a small bathroom space. Campervan toilets aren't there to be a conver


When you're building a camper van, you have lots of choices for recreational vehicle (RV) appliances, and one of the most important is the RV refrigerator. For front-opening refrigerators, we particularly recommend the Nova Kool AC/DC refrigerators,

Floor Plans & Storage

Overlander or classic campervan? Maybe a little of both? Whatever your van style it's important to know how you'll be spending most of your time while exploring to create the ideal campervan interior. Over on our blog post, we break down the best fun

Bug Screens

The perfect van adventure doesn't have sleeping at rest stops or travel stations in mind, nor does it picture flies and gnats while camping in the desert. However, it's a van reality we can't ignore. In our blog post, we tell you why we love VanEssen