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Why is there a minimum order size?Updated 5 months ago

Each order must total at least $250 before tax and shipping charges. Please let us know if you have questions about other products you might need for your build. We're here to help!

We implemented a small minimum order size due to a stark increase in fraudulent orders as well as shipping costs. Many businesses have made changes to survive such challenges. Some have made policy changes like us, and many businesses have significantly raised prices, while others went out of business. Our minimum order size allows us to keep prices lower while continuing to provide the best service to our true customers.

We hope you understand, and we're here to help if this is an inconvenience. Perhaps we can help you get everything you need in one order. We're happy to answer questions about products you're considering. Your Campervan HQ team is excited to help you build your dream campervan! 


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