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Portable Air Conditioning and HeatingUpdated a year ago

EcoFlow Wave2: Comfort All Year Round

One unit to keep you comfortable all year, anywhere you go? 

This powerful air conditioner and heater all-in-one cools AND heats anywhere you take it. Bring your Wave2 along, and cool your campervan, your tent, your bedroom, garage, treehouse, or any other compact space.

Cools 30’ x 30’ area by as much as 18 degrees in under 10 minutes! 

You’ll love the fast-charging options, complete control with the EcoFlow app, and whisper-quiet operation. Enjoy your best campervan summer ever with the Wave2 Air Conditioner.

Learn more on the Wave2 Portable Air Conditioner / Heater product page. 

The Wave2 does it all!
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