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Abusive Client PolicyUpdated 15 days ago

At Campervan HQ, we care about our customers and their campervan adventures! 

So we work hard to make sure customer orders are shipped safely, quickly, and accurately. Unfortunately sometimes issues arise that cause delays or other order issues. We're committed to addressing them quickly and courteously -- and with a sincere apology! Even if an issue is out of our control, such as worldwide supply chain issues or vendor production delay, we always do our best to rectify the situation as quickly as possible.

We believe any customer who is unhappy about an issue is entitled to express their dissatisfaction with civility. However, we maintain a zero tolerance policy for any abusive, hateful, or threatening conduct.

Among the behaviors we consider abusive:

  • Angry outbursts
  • Hostile verbal attacks
  • Foul or offensive language
  • Insults or other personal attacks
  • Direct or implied threats to our personal safety
  • Issuing or threatening to issue undue chargebacks 
  • Threats to damage our reputation
  • Actual damage to our reputation by low ratings and harshly critical reviews
  • Aggressive or menacing behavior
  • Destruction of property
  • Harassment by repeated visits, calls or messages
  • Any other objectionable behavior that disrupts our business and disturbs our team members, vendors, or clients

Clients who engage in any of these behaviors while on company property will be asked to leave immediately, and if necessary with the support of law enforcement. Anyone who behaves in these ways remotely will be asked to contact us again when they have calmed down and if necessary may be excluded from using our site in the future.

Thank you for treating our team with civility and respect. We're working hard for you and want to treat you with the respect we all deserve!

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